We tried writing this section in several ways. But we realized that there’s really no way we can talk about what it’s like working at StrApp without sounding like a placement brochure. Sure, we could throw words around like ‘career growth’, and ‘challenging, fulfilling assignments’ and ‘stimulating work atmosphere’. But they’re just words.

What we realized is that you’re probably looking for a great bunch of people to work with and interesting work to do. The truth is, we’ve got both.

And yes, the rumours are true. We really have a Foosball table in office.

Get in line. Check out the job profiles we’re currently looking for.

Technical Lead

Do you possess Leadership Qualities? If yes, this profile is for you.

We are looking out for a smart Technical Lead with the following:

  • 2+ Years of experience in Programming
  • Good Communication skills
  • Ability to take technological decisions
  • Capable of giving suggestions to clients
  • Ability to interact with team
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