There is this belief that we stand by: we are not born with the right to do business in society, we need to earn it. This right is not earned by instituting programs called Corporate Social Responsibility. It is something that needs to be ingrained in the way we look at the world.

At StrApp we believe that partnering the quest to create sustainable futures is key to a better world. That's not just a bunch of big words - it means if we can help people build a better tomorrow, it's probably worth it.

You should check out 'Akshara', they're doing some excellent work in bringing quality education to children who cannot afford it. With the objective of getting every child in school and learning well, they're one of the real people behind the oft-repeated phrase of 'making the world a better place'. We're proud to be supporting them via the Young Indians program, under the CII.

It is likely that you have heard of Akshaya Patra - if not, they are the folks who feed 1.2 million school kids a nutritious meal every day. Before the state-run mid-day meal scheme took off, it was Akshaya Patra that started the trend with 1500 kids being served lunch in 5 schools. The program has since exploded into something the nation is proud of. As are we, to support them.

What's probably more important is that the people at StrApp believe in giving back. You should ask some of our team members who will tell you stories of how they're personally involved with issues that matter.
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